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Hi there, I'm Joline - Owner of Gypsy Blooms Flower Truck

Growing up on a farm and spending countless hours exploring the outdoors is where my love for nature and all that it encompasses began. Along with our own farm, we would often visit my grandparents farm who, aside from their large vegetable garden, had several flower beds filled with peonies, roses, gladiolas, lupins, sunflowers, sweet peas, and many other varieties. Their love, along with my moms love for gardening has made an impact on my life as I've always enjoyed the feeling of planting, cultivating and harvesting something that would bring joy to others. 

Fast forward a number of years... after graduating high school I left the small town farm life to attend university in Southern Alberta. In the summers during the university years I worked at a landscaping company where my love for flowers and landscape design grew even more. After graduating university and establishing a career with a large 

telecommunications company the small town girl in me longed for a simpler life and to be closer to family. After 12 years of living away I moved back to the same Northern Alberta area and not long after I met my now husband Sean - who evidently grew up 15 minutes from me, and even more notably our grandparents were friends. 


A few years later we got married, traveled, moved to our acreage and now have four wonderful children. After our first son was born I decided to put any career aspirations on hold to stay home and raise our children. During this time I often thought about different business ideas that I would be passionate about, bring joy to others, and offer the flexibility I needed with my family life. 

My dream of owning my own small business has come true!! You can find me at local businesses around Grande Prairie selling fresh cut flowers from my vintage '49 Chevy truck or you can rent the truck for your special event. Follow Gypsy Blooms Flower Truck on Facebook and Instagram to keep up-to-date with where we'll pop up next. 

I hope you will share in my journey to bring a joyful flower buying experience to our community. I look forward to connecting with you.


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